The Brain Is Absolutely Amazing


The brain is absolutely amazing. An intricate web of associations driven by electrochemical reactions, it’s been passed down through the ages, getting sharper with every generation. It’s designed with one purpose: to help us survive.

Sure, it has lots of other bells and whistles on it.  

There’s limited evolutionary purpose for the ability to enjoy a good Kanye West album, and while Kanye may disagree, the research has yet to support the assertion that Kanye is essential to survival.

It’s a nice bonus feature regardless.

The problem is, between all those extra bells and whistles, combined with the core purpose of the brain, it has a tendency to trick us. There is a whole host of cognitive biases that distort the way we see the world, most perniciously, confirmation bias. We look for evidence to support what we already believe, and filter out evidence that suggests that we might be wrong. In a way, there’s a certain beauty to the idea that perception is reality. But when you’re building a business, that’s a rose you should not stop and sniff.

Data is the antidote to bias. This understanding is core to The Undisputed System. While we may be egotistical (you can’t imagine how much time I spend in front of a mirror in the morning), our process is not. We have no interest in trying to convince you that our perception is ACTUAL reality, because we don’t believe that. We believe in data.

As an entrepreneur, we know that there are two things you’re short on: time and money. We’ve designed our system to help you reclaim both of those through data.

We build every marketing strategy to be lean and trackable, to produce the evidence needed to decide if something is working at as little cost as possible. That way, you don’t waste money on marketing that’s not producing results, and you find the things that grow your business quickly and cheaply.

We also believe that we see further when we stand on the shoulders of giants. Whether that means finding inspiration from great marketers, or poring over psychology study after psychology study to help your customers make the decision to buy from you, we learn from the best so that you can benefit from their expertise.

We think we’ve got something special. But don’t believe us. Check out the data in our case studies.

Matt Faulkner, director of strategy, Undisputed