Nailing the Fundamentals First

No doubt, healthcare is the place to be. Innovation and disruption is the theme. Every week new products and services are hitting the market, contributing to a noisy environment for founders and company leaders. Healthcare start-ups are in a race for funding, consumer adoption and market traction.
Most of the new products and services are good, and healthcare would be better for them. But the problem is that most aren’t noticed…and those that are noticed are rarely positioned appropriately. On top of this, founders feel stressed that funding will be depleted before the market adopts their new way.
We get it. As a co-founder of a boutique-marketing firm, I spent unnecessary time, energy and resources on marketing channels that couldn’t guarantee the types of results we desperately needed. The creative was beautiful and alluring, and the positioning was often aspirational and encouraging, but it didn’t move the needle.
It wasn’t until I partnered up with Marcus, Matt and Jacob, that we sat down and took a hard look at what’s broken with today’s marketing. With an abundance of research, decades of industry experience, mixed with some trial and error, we designed a five-step system that focuses on nailing the fundamentals. Why are fundamentals important? You need a solid marketing foundation to build a winning strategy on.

We don’t start with an agenda.


The simplicity of the Undisputed system is profound. We go back to the basics and start with a business physical. Much like taking your car into the shop, we quickly uncover what’s working, what’s not and what needs to be addressed in order for you to get back on the road safely. From there, we ensure you’re tracking what matters, speaking the same language as your ideal customer, and leveraging the most important marketing channels. Only after this, do we focus on the creative and pretty stuff. 

Agencies don’t spend a lot of time on this (because they don’t give awards for it).


Oh, and testing. Rather than assume or guess what might resonate with your audience, we test, refine and repeat until we find the sweet spot. And the sweet spot is what drives revenue and impacts your bottom line.
If any of this resonates with you, then maybe it’s time to take a look under the hood of your business. This process works and the results speak for themselves.
Health: Further is an innovation health care event that brings together payers, providers, innovators, investors and professionals for two days in Nashville.  2016 was its second year and the event had a lot to prove. The first year was a success, however it didn’t bring the national audience and attendance that it had hoped to achieve. We put it through the system and saw 2X tickets sold from the previous year, 100% growth in top line revenue and national awareness as an industry staple was achieved.
Other clients have experienced similar success. A nutritional counseling reimbursement company saw their revenue jump 153% after implementing our suggestions. Read the full HealthyBytes story here
An on-call communications app for doctors saw accelerated sales growth when they incorporated marketing tracking into their disciplines. By creating actionable messaging for an educational platform for critical care, their value proposition was finally resonating with those mattered most.
The client cases are different, but the impact the same.  

We’re able to take healthcare tech founders from contributing to the noise to composing music.


From wasting thousands of dollars with traditional agencies to measuring meaningful ROI on their marketing spend. If you’re a founder of a healthcare tech start-up, I hope you’ll consider Undisputed for taking your marketing to the next level!

Becky Green, Director of Engagement, Undisputed,